Curriculum Vitae

Download David's CV: DavidLiedle-CV-2018.pdf (Yes, it is outdated. See the sections below for recent years.)

David has been a professional Developer for 26 years, going pro in 1998 after a decade of writing software casually.

Take a quick peek at the most recent 8-year work history by expanding the options below:


David continues to be on FMLA medical leave from Cisco, and is now on Long Term Disability. Please feel free to text or email words of encouragement as he works on getting back to work.


David has been on FMLA Medical Leave from Cisco for most of 2023 on short term disability.


David has been a Senior Webex Developer Evangelist at Cisco since July of 2021.


"DavidCanHelp" is a sole proprietorship, doing business around the world remotely from within the United States during the pandemic. Under this brand, David has been performing consulting services, Mobile App Development, Web Development (front and back end), writing, and, well, looking for more work. The pandemic has been hard for all of us to weather. Stay strong!


In 2020, I traveled to South Africa to co-found an academy that teaches introductory HTML, CSS, and JS to local students from a variety of backgrounds. Unfortunately, COVID-19 was just getting started at that time, so we were forced to abandon our efforts and I returned to the United States under difficult circumstances.

2019 was founded by David in February of 2019 to accomodate a request from the CEO of Filestack to offer services ad hoc as a contractor. Expanding on this to several clients, David built up his Developer-Relations-as-a-(Human)-Service [DRaaHS?] offerings, with a focus on enablement in the Flutter community.


The year 2018 saw a shift from working as Senior Technical Evangelist at eZ Systems (a CMS based out of Norway, now called Ibexa), to becoming the Chief Evangelist at Filestack, reporting directly to the CEO. I worked remotely, from my home office in NYC, and visited Filestack's HQ in San Antonio, Texas on several occasions to sync up with the team.


David's role changed from Technical Product Manager to Senior Technical Evangelist at eZ Systems (now Ibexa).


Please download my CV for a more complete picture of work performed prior to the recent five years given above.